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Finally Sell Something Everyone Needs And Uses Everyday!

There are many fundraisers to choose from.  In todays economy people cannot afford to spend money on items or junk they do not need. 

When someone purchases the laundry products not only will they be helping your organization, they will be saving over 50% compared to similar products in the store.  The fundraiser is a win win for everyone!  We buy directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings to your customers and your group. 

• We offer more profits than our competitors.

No upfront cost or investment.

• Sell something people need and buy anyway.

• Large selection of products.

• Customer saves 50% over what they are currently spending on laundry detergent.

• A proven sales staff to help you.

• Outstanding customer service and 100% money back guarantee.


Our Laundry Detergent Fundraiser has helped hundreds of SCHOOLS, SPORTS TEAMS, CHURCHES, BANDS, YOUTH GROUPS, VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS and many others raise the money they so desperately need. how to raise money fast